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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Oh my God, They Killed Kenny!

“Oh my God, They Killed Kenny!” is a catchphrase from the cartoon South Park. A big part of what made South Park a hit in the early days from 1997was the tasteless but innovative routine of killing off the same character in nearly every episode. Asked why, the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, admitted, "We just like to kill him ... It was used in every episode up to season 5 where Kenny died permanently. He then returned to life but is no longer massacred because the creators ran out of ideas and decided to just make him a major character. Nevertheless, he still dies occasionally.

(I should point out that Richard’s black eye was not a result of an attempt to do a Kenny on him. It was result of him discovering that a revolving chair does not make a good ladder.)

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  1. I remember routinely watching South Park at a bar with friends during the SP heyday. Much like Monday Night football, some bars would have a "beer and wings and SP night". It was funny, for awhile. Actually, the main reason why I stopped watching it was a particular Kenny killing! It was so gross, I said, well, THERE's the line! :)

    I did see the SP movie, but I won't post the title here!