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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Global dimming


Global dimming is the reduction in light reaching the surface of the planet. Each year less light reaches the surface of earth as a result of the increase in black carbon and other particulates in the atmosphere. The consequent ‘global dimming’ is considered a direct result of human activity.


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  1. I wonder if global dimming decreased for a period of time, after homes and businesses in densely populated cities in Europe, America and oher parts of the developed world, switched from wood and coal fireplaces and furnaces to furnaces or units powered by natural gas or eletricity? I image the skies over cities surely became clearer and bluer, not nerarly as gray and dim dim with balck chimney smoke.

    Think of the winter sky of Londond in the 1870's vs London in the 1960's.

    Or is the "dimmming" referring to the degradation of only the higher level of the atmosphere?