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Sunday, 12 April 2009


Beth mentioned the other day that her hair was now long enough to tie back - so long as she used a barrette. I had never heard the term barrette before so I rushed off to find the definition.

Barrette - a pin for holding women's hair in place; a clasp or clip for gathering and holding the hair; a piece of jewelry (or jewellery if you are British) used to tie hair back, available in many sizes and styles.

This Beth modelling a barrette! Beth commented "Actually the silver piece is, I think, not technically a barrette--it is similar to one but works a little differently. It's actually a unique type of hair thing that I got at an artisan's booth at an outdoor fair! The little yellow-ish beige-ish clip is a type of barrette though." Judging by the fairly loose dictionary definitions it seems as though the silver one may also qualify.

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  1. Oh, yes, I remember this post now, too!! I think that you and I are surely wandering around in our memory at times ;)