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Thursday, 21 January 2010


One of my daughters got a Garklein for Christmas. When I put define: garklein in Google I found only this –
Die Garkleinblockflöte in c ist die regulär kleinste Baugröße der Blockflöte.  As I only know French, English and Latin that didn't help me much.

Fortunately she had already told me what a Garklein was – a mini-recorder.

The Garklein-Flötlein is the smallest recorder in the family and is rarely used by the recorder orchestra. Being only 6 inches long in total with only 3 inches covering all 7 holes, small fingers are essential! As a result of the instrument's small size, standard note fingerings do not always work and the player will need to learn several alternate fingerings. Unlike all the other recorders, the garklein barely covers a two octave range and therefore the sopranino can potentially reach higher notes than the garklein - as a result, the instrument only tends to be used when fingering on the sopranino is more awkward than fingering the same notes on the garklein.

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  1. Who knew! Leave it to you to come up with a totally new thing!!!
    Hubby bought a flute thingy at a craft fair a couple of years ago, and was I surprised to hear him playing away on it? YES! The Good, Bad, and the Ugly was his favorite!